Do You Need Medical Help Or Psychotherapy For Anxiety?

With all the data as we have available to us nowadays, on every single subject that you can imagine, and with constant encouragement to become our own health care advocates, you might question if you really want professional medical or psychotherapy treatment for your anxiety.

This depends greatly on the kind of anxiety that you’re experiencing. If you are suffering from short-term anxiety that continues to be due to an recognizable situation, the probability is that you do not need any professional guidance at all. Even so, you would significantly benefit from information that allows you to manage normal anxiety and stress in a better way.

When it comes to anxiety problems, however, like OCD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, you might benefit from professional help. However, there are several essential details that you must consider.

Most people who are suffering from an anxiety condition are never ultimately cured of the disorder. Rather, they are educated or they learn how to deal with the anxiety that they experience which in turn reduces the mental and physical symptoms of the problem.

They only alleviate the circumstances with medication but the fact is that it does not completely go away. Again, the symptoms of the anxiety are just lessened. Some of that medication is obsessive, and many has negative effects that are more unpleasant than the anxiety itself.

If you opt not to take medication, the alternative when it comes to professional treatment is counseling. Of course if you opt to consider medicine, you’ll also be advised to seek counseling. Lots of people may benefit from counseling, however in most cases, you will not learn anything from that counseling that you can’t learn from the Internet.

Your insurance charges might go up. If you’ve got private insurance – insurance that is not offered through your employer – your insurance company can opt to raise the rates or drop your coverage as you have an anxiety condition. The insurance companies know that there is no cure for these disorders, and that the treatment will be continuous, and possibly long term.

This isn’t advice teaching you to not seek clinical help at all. It is simply information that you have to consider before making a decision. Depending on your personality type, you might actually benefit more from professional counseling rather than seeking your own solutions. Sometimes, we simply need a highly trained professional to observe us, and tell us that we are okay in order to possess some level of ‘peace of mind.

Blanchardstown Counselling Services offers late afternoon, evening and weekend appointments from Monday to Saturday. In case you are suffering from one of these difficulties you may contact our counsellor in Blanchardstown.

Do You Need Medical Help Or Psychotherapy For Anxiety?

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