Using IUD May Set Off Harmful Side Effect

Mirena is one of the most popular brands of intrauterine devices (IUDs) that offers long-term efficiency in preventing pregnancy and are convenient to use. In order to achieve its absolute efficacy, you need to use these birth controls consistently and in accordance to its instructions. It is recommended that one must inspect the IUD strings so that IUD failure may be reduced. Yet, there are some detrimental effects found to be caused by progestin and women who are using IUD are more at risk, say health experts.

Although Bayer’s campaign for Mirena IUD has cost them a lot of money, it has more than paid itself. The promotion has persuaded more than a million of American women to buy IUD for $800 a piece. As a result, Bayer is believed to have profited with billion of dollars. Bayer Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of Mirena, has received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about its failure to disclose the potentially dangerous side effects of their product.

The more serious complications of Mirena are embedment and perforation. Embedment is a condition when the Mirena IUD binds itself to the uterine walls. Perforation occurs when it burrows its way completely through the uterine wall. The potential health complications associated with perforation are scarring and infection, which may cause infertility. In both cases, surgery may be required to remove the Mirena.

About 30 percent of women may potentially encounter Mirena’s side-effects. These side effects may include intermenstrual bleeding/spotting, depression, acne, headaches, nausea, weight gain and hair loss. Abdominal pain, infection, and trouble inserting the IUD are also problems caused by Mirena. The Mirena IUD Lawsuit Center atmirenalawsuit.usoffers more information about this matter.


Using IUD May Set Off Harmful Side Effect

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