The Many Health Benefits Of Dancing And How It Can Improve Fitness

Dance is a very popular past time. As well as being great fun, it is also a good way of keeping fit. In fact it is one of the best! It can improve your overall wellbeing, increase brain power, and develop self-confidence and self esteem. There are many different forms of dance, so it is likely that there is a style for you. Dance classes on offer include disciplines such as ballet, tap, ballroom, folk, salsa and zumba. You’re never too old to learn to dance! Dancing is for people of all ages and all backgrounds. In this piece of writing we look at the main health benefits that can be gained from taking up dancing as a pastime.

Frequent dancing improves a person’s stamina and endurance. It is a cardiovascular exercise that increases heart rate and will, therefore, improve heart and lung health over time. Another important aspect of health is flexibility. Dance is recognised to improve flexibility as muscles are flexed and extended on a recurring basis. Dancers naturally become more flexible over time. Muscle strength is another health benefit that gained from regular dancing. Dancing also burns many calories and helps prevent weight gain. Obviously, it goes without saying, that it is a also a great hobby for those who are hoping to lose some weight.

As with other forms of exercise, dancing can help prevent osteoporosis or halt its progress. People who exercise have less osteoporosis than those who don’t! It is a wonderful way of improving bone strength.

The psychological and social benefits of dance should not be underestimated. As with any exercise, dancing can release tension and give a general sense of well being. Attending frequent classes also means meeting lots of new people and building social skills. The friends you make in a dance class can go on to become lifelong friends!

Dancing is great for the mind. Learning new routines and steps improves focus and co-ordination skills. It is thought that dancing can preserve motor skills and could, therefore, possibly lower the risk of dementia. It keeps your mind young and alert.

To sum up dancing is one of the best hobbies for improving fitness and general well being. It improves lung capacity, strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and also offers a whole host of social benefits too. There are numerous different kinds of dance classes on offer from ballet to ballroom. There is something for everyone. Something like zumba would suit the most energetic amongst you, whereas country dancing may suit those looking for something more relaxed.

Tha Dance Academy is a dance school in East Sheen. They offer classes which include ballet, singing and streetdance. The Dance Academy is a performing arts school committed to excellence in all disciplines across dance, music and acting.

The Many Health Benefits Of Dancing And How It Can Improve Fitness

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