Dealing with people who try to sabotage your goals

I have always had a huge sweet-tooth, so I decided to do a sugar detox for the month of April in hopes of eliminating my cravings. My husband has been very supportive, but my mother is giving me a hard time.

So, Mom came to visit on Sunday and tried to lure me off the wagon. Before she came, I told her I was not eating sweets right now, so please don’t bring me any cookies or cake from home. Not only did she bring homemade brownies, she got insulted that I wouldn’t eat "just one". I told her sugar is like a drug for me and I can’t have "just one" so please stop trying to temp me. She pouted like a baby the rest of her visit. After she left, I took the brownies next door and gave them to the neighbor’s kids.

I love my mother, but she doesn’t get it. I have certain health and fitness goals and would love her support. I tell her this, but it goes in one ear and out the other. She’s naturally thin and doesn’t understand what it’s like to have to watch what you eat.

Does anyone else deal with people like my mom?

via Smart Health Shop Forum

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