Natural home remedies for joint pain!

Suffer can get rid of any kind of joint pain with the help of Natural home remedies:
1. Using coconut oil:

• Suffer has to take ½ cup coconut oil
• Then Heat the oil till it turns lukewarm
• And lastly Massage the oil on the affected knee joint

The massage improves the blood circulation in the region and provides relief from the pain.

2. Using bathu leaves (or fat-hen):

• Suffer has to crush some fresh bathu leaves
• Then press on a sieve and extract their juice
• And lastly drink 15 g of bathu juice on an empty stomach everyday

3. Using milk and turmeric:

• Suffer has to take 1 glass hot milk
• Then Add 1 tsp turmeric powder
• Mix it well
• Drink it every day

4. Using fenugreek seeds:

• Suffer has to Roast and crush a handful of fenugreek seeds
• Then Take 2 tsp of this powder
• Add water to make a thick paste
• And apply it on the affected area

via Smart Health Shop Forum

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