Women’s One A Day VitaCraves/Gummies

I went through a time where I was having trouble swallowing some of the bigger vitamins so I was thrilled when Women’s One a Day came out with gummies. I bought them right away and began taking them. Now I just read on another thread here that the Men’s One a Day gummies had great results in terms of energy for the day. I didn’t have that experience with the Women’s One a Day gummies. I didn’t really see a difference at all!

Plus, and this is huge for women, many of the vitamins and nutrients in the pill form are not in the gummy form, i.e., calcium. That’s right, no calcium in the gummy form 😦 There’s also a lack of other vitamins as well. Not to mention you have to chew several gummies to get the regular serving in the pill form…that’s not a problem on the chewing side, but it adds up for the wallet.

If you’re having trouble taking vitamins, Women’s One a Day has come out with petite pills. Again, it’s not great on the wallet because you’re taking two a day to equal the one pill. However, you do get all of the nutrients and vitamins from these that you would get in a regular pill.

Any one else try the gummies or petites from Women’s One a Day?

via Smart Health Shop Forum http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/SmartHealthShopForum/~3/_Qh7580Q04o/10213-womens-one-day-vitacraves-gummies.html

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