With Spring Comes the Ticks, and Lyme Disease is Spreading

One of the worst things about a tick bite is the possibility of getting Lyme Disease from the bite. The disease can be hard to detect and to treat once it is detected, so wearing a good repellant is important when you are out in the woods.
According to new statistics, ticks are now spreading further north than ever before. They have been found in Canada, in areas that were considered too cold for them until now.
Apparently , climate change is causing the migration, and in the South, where they have always been prolific, they are actually decreasing.
Here is the link to a great article that explains this in greater detail:
Lyme Disease Rates Rise in Northern US | LiveScience

via Smart Health Shop Forum http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/SmartHealthShopForum/~3/_nEtKu4kNMk/10214-spring-comes-ticks-lyme-disease-spreading.html

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